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I wonder if you could answer a car hire query for me. I'm planning to arrive in Poitiers on Sunday 19 July. I'm looking at car hire just now but some of the websites say the car hire places at the airport are shut on the Sunday and some say they're open. I don't want to book a car until I know for sure - it's just unfortunate that the only flights I can get from Edinburgh are on a Sunday so I'm tied to this day. If you have a moment to get back to me I'd really appreciate it.

It's possible that some car hire companies aren't open at the same time. I tend to feel that in general if there is an arriving flight then car hire companies will be open. But in the past that hasn't always been the case. Another possibility is that some companies haven't yet updated their web sites. I've fond this in the past, if possible when in doubt call.

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